Websites have come a long way since the beginning of plain, static websites. Many of the original websites were treated as an online brochure by the business owners. Website videos have added an extra dimension to web sites.

Videos can be especially important for your business. We offer many options for your website videos. Some of our clients want a Spokesperson Video to greet & engage the website visitors. Others need a short promotional video to advertise their business. Are you a business owner who doesn’t want to spend over $1000 for a video advertisement? 

We offer many options for your videos. Do you want an office background? Want your logo seamlessly inserted onto the wall of the office? We have male and female spokespeople available for the videos. You get your choice of the type of wardrobe, casual or professional. Add your website URL or your email and phone to the video if you desire. Contact us now to see the possibilities for your business video.

Website Videos Benefits

There are many important reasons to have videos on your website. Here are just a few of the top reasons for having at least one video on your website.

1. Videos Help with SEO

It’s another good way to add to your search engine optimization. Google owns YouTube and values videos on websites. Videos are a great way to keep visitors on your website for longer periods of time. This affects how your web page ranks on Google.

2. Website Videos Quickly Deliver Your Message

It’s a great addition to your written content. Visitors can get your message without reading. Obviously, this won’t replace your textual content but it will enhance it by delivering it quickly.  

3. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Maximize your search engine optimization by adding videos. Google rewards websites that add new content. Instead of just adding new copy, or blog why not add a video?  You’ll see an uptick in your search engine rankings and even more if you place keywords into the video title and description.

4. Reveal Your Company’s Personality

Videos are a fantastic way to show your company culture and give a personality to your company. Drive home the message of who and how you do business by using a video to showcase things that are intangible.