Search Engine Optimization – 10 Simple TIPS

The first simple tips you need to get right for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization has been a topic of discussion since people found out ways to get their websites noticed. In fact, that’s basically what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. On-page SEO is the art of creating websites that lead visitors to your page from recommendations from search engines like Google and Bing.

1. Make sure your HTML is correct.

Google seems to be the master of all when it comes to SEO so you want them on your side. So, just like a teacher that punishes you for misspellings, Google will punish you for poor HTML. If your HTML skills are poor then you might want to use a great web developer or agood CMS like WordPress.

2. Use keywords in your URLs and make the URL readable.

For example, don’t use for a page on WordPress. A better URL would be Google understands what the web page should be about and so do your website visitors.

3. Give your images a descriptive name.

Use alt tags and name tags on your images. An image that’s named image5.jpg on a car website does no good. Instead, a name like fast-car.jpg would work better. Use keywords in your alt tags too.

4. Use links to other pages within your website

Proper internal linking helps to bring your website’s visitors deeper into the site and helps to encourage them to spend more time on the site.

5. External linking for better SEO

External linking should be part of your SEO strategy. Your links should be to authoritative content and credible websites that have a relation to the topic of your pages.

6. Use relevant keywords in your header tags

For example, if your web page is about turtles then use “turtles” in your header and a sub-header on the page. It’s an indicator of what’s important on the page.

7. Relevant Meta Descriptions

Your web pages should have meta descriptions that are relevant to the subject matter. Google will use these when one of your pages comes up in a user search.

8. Check out your competition’ s SEO

Do a Google search for your competition based on what words you would use to find a company in that industry. Understanding how people are searching for a product or industry is invaluable. What pages are featured on their main menu? Are the URLs for those pages easily readable? What are their external links? Are any of those suitable for your website? Sometimes the best SEO strategy is to follow a leader.

9. Produce new content on a regular basis

Search engines reward websites that have new and original content. This is a great opportunity to produce new posts on WordPress. A simple post that is 500 – 1000 words can give your website a nice uptick on search engine results. Remember that content is king! Don’t write your website’s content for the search engines. Write it for real people. Detailed information about your product or services that are written naturally is one of the best ways to rank high on search results.

10. Search Engine Optimization is Never Finished

You should continually work on the SEO on your website. Your search engine placement can change overnight. Test your updates to record different results. 


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