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Web Design Snellville

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Snellville, Georgia,  where everybody is proud to be somebody. It’s a fitting evolution from their old slogan of Snellville, where everybody is somebody. It’s a busy suburb located between Atlanta and Athens. It has great eating and superb shopping along highway 124 and along highway 78. Many of the businesses are small but it also has a nice mix of larger businesses. Snellville has many of what people want in a place to live. It has many activities in a larger city but it’s also a great place to raise a family. It’s one of the many reasons that we offer Web Design for Snellville.

Atlwebstudio Web Design in Snellville is right in Snellville’s backyard about 5 minutes outside of Snellville’s city limits. We’re able to offer great website designs, reasonable prices, and quick turnaround time on our designs. Personal web design service is part of what we do. We’re not interested in being the largest web design company in Snellville. We want to be the best web design company in Snellville!

Web Design for Snellville

Our service for web design in Snellville offers everything you’ll need for your website. If you are just establishing your online presence with your first website then we can walk you through the process with full transparency. Many people don’t know what they need for their website until they realize they didn’t get what they needed. We’ll research your business and your competitors so we know what your website needs.

For companies that already have a website but are ready for a change, Atlwebstudio Web Design Snellville can update your current website or do a complete website redesign. Some of our clients have realized the need for more than just an update or redesign. We offer SEO and responsive web design in many of our web design packages. In fact, responsive web design is offered as a standard in our web design packages. We offer packages that will fulfill all of your web design needs whether you need just a little done or you need everything done.

Even if your desire is to do it yourself. WordPress is a great option as a CMS for clients who want to take over their website. We can design your WordPress website, install the most popular plugins, set up your SEO and give you full control over it. We’ll even offer you some training on WordPress and your WordPress theme as part of our personal web design service.

Some of our clients have realized the need for SEO and responsive web design. If you want to compete in Snellville or in the metro Atlanta area our SEO is a necessary service that can put you ahead of the pack. We’ll research your industry and local competition as part of our SEO service. It’s all part of a process that we’ve developed to get the most out of your online presence.

Responsive Web Design

The popularity of mobile devices has led to a revolution in web design. Responsive web design used to be an option that many businesses overlook. Now responsive web design is necessary for a user-friendly online experience. Rest ensured that we only create responsive websites. What is extra for some web design companies is a standard for us!

Some wonder if one company can satisfy all of their web design needs. Try Atlwebstudio and you’ll find Atlwebstudio Web Design has everything that you need for your website including website hosting, domain names, SSL security certificates, logos, videos, and more. Contact the best web design company in Snellville at 678-468-8513 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is one of the most important trends in web design. In fact, I hesitate to call it a trend because it’s much more than just a web design trend. It’s become a web design standard so if your website isn’t responsive you’re not only out of style but the functionality of your website is not going over well with your website’s visitors.

The Move Toward Responsive Web Design

There are many reasons for the move towards responsive website design. The primary reason is because of how website visitors would access your website. Years ago most people would use their computer to visit your website so designers would spend more time designing and developing websites based on how they would render on different browsers. So far, as of the third quarter of 2019 more than half of the web traffic worldwide is generated by mobile devices.

That figure doesn’t even include web traffic generated by tablets. With that in mind, you should make sure that your responsive website renders well on tablets too. Wouldn’t want to miss out on those opportunities because there are many.

Consumers are addicted to their phones. Some studies say that people tend to spend five hours per day average on their smartphones. People are using their mobile devices more than ever to access their email, social media, rideshare, order food, research services, and shop.

It’s more than just an addiction. It’s a way of life! If you’re concerned that your website isn’t responsive just consider the following reports.

Responsive Website Matter More Than Ever

It’s been widely reported that 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Image losing that many potential recommendations! On the other hand, after having a positive brand experience on a mobile device 89% of people are likely to recommend that brand. Their positive experience was driven in part by the responsive web design used on the business’s website.

Businesses that don’t take advantage of responsive website use are going to lose potential business. That’s business that your online competition will be more than happy to grab. Some business people fall into the old belief that consumers aren’t really shopping with their mobile devices but only browsing. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Conversions rates using mobile devices are rapidly rising.

Even though we’ve mainly talked about your online presence it also affects businesses with a brick and mortar leaning face. One study that was done in early 2019 showed that among US shoppers who had visited a store in the previous week over 83%  revealed that they had used online search before going into a store.

Where are they doing their online research? The top dog of online search is Google of course. The traffic to your website can be directly affected by being mobile responsive because Google places a higher emphasis on responsive websites. Higher search engine placement can give your business that extra edge it needs. 

There are many options available to make your transition to a responsive website smooth. It may depend on who you use to create your website or if you develop it yourself. Two good options for people who what to do it themselves are WordPress and Bootstrap. Regardless of how you get it done the most important thing is to go responsive before you get left behind.